We currently train the top most profitable treatments on the market

  • Plasma Pen a permanent skin removal treatment
  • Dermal Needling a collagen inducing treatment which triggers repair and permanent results

  • Dermaplaning an advanced exfoliating treatment removing the peach fuzz leaving the skin fresh and glowing.

  • Mesotherapy Nappage a luxury treatment delivering natural vitamins minerals and amino acids to the epidermis. Treating the skin from the inside.

  • Red Carpet Facial 2 qualifications in 1. Learn both Dermaplaning and Mesotherapy combined with resurfacing to offer your clients this luxury treatment.

  • Chemical Peel

  • Foundation Dermal Filler

  • Advanced Dermal Filler using cannula

  • Botulinum Toxin

  • Foundation PDO & Cog Threads (Face& Neck)

  • Advanced PDO & Cog Threads (Body Treatments)

  • Adipose Lipolytic Mesotherapy (Fat Dissolve)

  • PRP Vampire facial therapy

  • PRP Hair loss therapy

  • IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy

  • HIFU Non surgical face and neck lift

  • HIFU Fat Dissolve

  • HIFU Femme Wand (Intimate Tihtening)

  • Intra-muscular B12 & Biotin Injection 

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