Micro Blast Skin Tightening Training

Removes Excess Skin, Smooths Lines & Wrinkles

Advantages of this new revolutionary treatment in contrast to conventional surgery, the skin cannot be over lifted. The technology used means once the skin has reached maximum lifting point, it just stops working. So its guaranteed that only the natural excess skin is reduced. Results are instant and visible during treatment. Only 2-7 days before crusts formed disappear however, normal life may resume immediately.

No scarring and price a fraction of the cost

How much does a Microblast Treatment Cost?
Prices start at £250!

Please note, prices are set low and priced per session as multiple sessions are likely needed to get surgery like results

95% of my clients get the desired surgery like result in 2 sessions

Upper Eye Lids (Baggy Eye Lids)                               £250

Under Eyes                                                              £250

Crows Feet                                                               £250

Buy Upper & Lower Eyes get Crows Feet Free

Cheek Lines                                                              £250 

Nose to Mouth Lines (Nasolabial Folds)                       £250            

Smokers Lines                                                            £250

Mouth to Chin Lines (Marionette Lines)                        £250

Buy 2 get 1 free                                                           £500

Forehead                                                                   £250

Upper Neck (Double Chin)                                           £500

Neck Lift                                                                   £1000

Full Face Lift                                                              £1500


Bodily Treatments Available!                                        £TBA


Stretch Marks                                                              Average £500-£1000

Breast/Chest wrinkles tightened

Message to arrange free consultation!

Also treats:

Skin Imperfections                                                          £50 per sun spot etc

Benign Lesions (Warts, fibromas, Sun Spots, Pigmentation) £50 per lesion

Scar Tissue                                                                    Average £50 per session (Will Likely need multiple sessions)

Acne Scars                                                                    Average £500 face (Will likely need multiple sessions)

Active Acne                                                                 Average £500

Tattoo Removal                                                             Average £80 per session (Up to 8 sessions needed) Removes all colours

 Price varies and discussed on consultation!

Micro Blast Training Cost?
Training including full kit £1800 January Offer £1500
  • Kit Includes Plasma Pen (No need for sterile ends)(Pen has combined RF technology giving amazing first time results)
  • 1 x Hibiscrub Bottle
  • 2 x Numbing Cream
  • 1 x Cotton Pads
  • Huggies Wipes
  • Gauze
  • Simple spf 30
  • BB cream spf 15
Being one of the first to qualify in Plasma Blast now Micro Blast I have used many different plasma pens. My findings have led to me using the combined technology plasma pen, although not the greatest to look at gives results that take twice the treatments of a normal plasma pen. I also found its all about technique. Check out the results below to see the results you could be offering your clients. 
How does Micro Blast work?
There is no cutting, no injections or bleeding! The MICRO BLAST PEN is an accurate tool,which ionises gas particles around the skin and in the air (between the tip of the needle and the skin)which forms plasma (the fourth state matter). An electrical arc is created,(like a tiny bolt of lightening). Results are instant, but more importantly there is no heat transfer to the surrounding area. The tissue then retracts (dermal and epidermal) and tightens over 6 to 12 weeks (further treatment can be done at 6 weeks) as opposed to skin removal,and the results are similar to those seen with invasive surgery.