High Intensity Focused Ultrasound HIFU

Training available with or without machine provided. Choice of 2 machines available!

2D Medical CE ROSH ISO Approved with full warranty and European technical after support and Accredited Training £2000 (Includes Face & Neck Lift Training)
Includes 3 areas of treatment Face and Neck lift, Body fat reducing and skin tightening, Vaginal Tightening and superficial treatment for dryness and sensitivity
  • Machine includes 1 day training per area- covers face & neck as standard, Fat Dissolve (Additional £500) and vaginal treatments (Additional £500)
  • Machine includes 3 face and 2 body cartridges, 2 vaginal cartridges (10,000 shot)
  • Consent and aftercare forms
  • Insurance Information
  • Full support following training

Training with own machine include either 1 to 1 via skype or in the training clinic Boldon
  • Face and Neck Tightening £500 1 day training
  • Body Fat Reduction and Skin Tightening £500 1 day training 
  • Vaginal Treatment £500 1 day training

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